Seminars & Workshops

Nutrition in Action Education Seminars and Workshops

Looking for an engaging, dynamic and innovative speaker for a conference, trade show or a corporate lunch and learn seminar? Angela delivers lunch and learn-style seminars, keynote presentations, and hands-on, interactive workshops.

Nutrition specific programs are designed by our Professional Dietitian to provide your group with the most up to date and reliable information tailored to your group’s specific needs. Some of the topics usually are an hour to two in length and we can customize half or full day seminars of your choice.

Popular Sessions include:

Label Investigator: The art of label reading
Fiber Facts
The Skinny on Fats
Eating for the heart of it!
The Diet Dilemma: Busting fad diets!
Powerful Food Cooking on a budget!
Cooking for diabetes
Antioxidants and Superfoods!

Popular sports specific nutrition session include:

Eat Drink & Thrive; Sports Nutrition Essentials
Add fuel to the fire: Training diet nutrition
Hydration balance
Nutrition for Growing athletes
Packing it in: Traveling Nutrition
The coaches corner: eating for performance tips
Supplement Savvy: The real deal 
The Diet Dilemma: Healthy weight management strategies
The Balancing Act: It’s an art to balance carbs protein and fat with daily workouts, work/school.

We specialize in the following areas:

Sports Nutrition for regional, national and varsity level athletes, coaches and teams.
Active Living/Fitness/Exercise
Weight management: underweight/overweight
Eating Disorders/disordered eating
Body Image
Vegetarian nutrition
Nutrient deficiencies
Cardiovascular health
Meal Planning/Food Preparation
Shopping/Label reading
Eating during travel
Bowel disorders
Food Service Delivery and Menu Planning for groups/Schools
Vitamin and nutrition supplements
School Food Policies