Personal Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Consulting for today’s busy lifestyles!

One on one appointments for: 
Individuals: youth, adults, seniors, athletes
Groups: workplace, community, athletic groups/teams, elite and recreational athletes

Learn how to prepare food and eat healthy at home, work and on the road! 
Personal assessments are designed to enhance your over health and well being and/or to deal with specific health issues in order to optimize your health and performance. We will provide you with a detailed review of your nutrition status with a computerized analysis while you can track your own success on our personal nutrition intake tracker! An easy to follow nutrition meal plan will be designed based on your lifestyle and specific goals while showing results which will last a lifetime! 
Individual Consults will begin with an initial assessment (lasts about 1 hr in length) to conduct a detailed review of medical and diet history and determine your personal goals and plans. Follow up appointments (lasts about 45 minutes) are scheduled to monitor progress and enhance your nutrition know-how!

Monthly Dietitian access via phone/email for nutrition related concerns/questions

Body Composition Assessment: 
Angela uses the internationally recognized  ISAK protocol, where a complete set of 8 skinfolds and 4 girth measures are taken  in order to determine lean and fat mass measures.  This is important for individuals trying to achieve body composition changes. 

A bit about ISAK:  The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) has defined and approved an international anthropometry accreditation scheme, which is now taught in over 40 countries world-wide. The scheme has been used as a model in the anthropometry section of the Laboratory Standards Assistance Scheme (LSAS) of the Australian Sports Commission, which in itself was developed with the integral involvement of members of the ISAK Executive Council. The scheme is based on the concept of a four-level hierarchy. See for more information.

Nutrition in Action empowers our clients through a one on one personal comprehensive approach to learning how to adopt real life health and nutrition plans to support their goals. Her programs are designed to provide you with the most current, practical nutrition information based on the latest scientific research in a clear and manageable approach. These are not restrictive, one quick fix fads. They are customized through on-going consultations and personal monitoring.